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        Mobile Real-Time RFiD Based Asset Tracking
  ASSETtracs is an RFiD-based software package designed by Compu-Power, Inc. as an asset-tracking tool. Using a handheld computer running the mobile version of ASSETtracs, users can track many types of assets across their entire organization.

The ASSETtracs software package consists of a PC-based server portion and a client portion for mobile devices. The mobile client portion runs on Intermec Technologies Corporation's rugged 700 series mobile computers, utilizing the Intermec IP3/4 RFiD interrogator.
The ASSETtracs package allows users to:
  Perform asset inventories utilizing RFiD technology
  Write custom data to tags
  Read custom data from tags
  Search for individual assets
  Define asset "Classes"
  View reports detailing asset status
  Reports can also be exported to PDF®, WORD® or Excel® formats.