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Terminals and Keyboards
Below and to the left are a list of available Terminals and keyboards that are recommended for use with the TRACS Tire Management System. These products are sold as part of both TRACS system delivery options. If you are interested in purchasing a new system for your business, please contact us via phone to speak with a TRACS sales representative. If you currently have a TRACS system in place and would like to re-order new system hardware, please look at the spec sheets for the product or products that you are interested in and note the product number and price and either call, fax or e-mail your order to us. We will call to confirm your order and provide you with a confirmation number and expedite the order process.
  Wyse 55 Green Screen
  Wyse 55 Amber Screen
  Wyse 55 White Screen
  Wyse PC Enhanced Keyboard