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        Real-Time Portal Based Asset and Personnel Tracking
  IDtracs is a software plug-in used with Compu-Power, Inc.’s TAGtalk™ middleware. It monitors a fixed portal, scanning for the presence of ID cards and tagged assets.
IDtracs verifies that personnel, equipped with ID cards, are authorized to pass through a RFiD enabled portal with tagged assets. After detecting an ID card, the system searches for an asset for a user-configurable period of time. Appropriate audio and visual notifications are given depending on whether or not personnel are authorized to leave with those assets, or that personnel are identified with those assets.
The IDtracs package allows users to:
  Identify and track "tagged" assets and personnel utilizing RFiD technology
  Write custom data to tags and ID cards
  Read custom data from tags and ID cards
  Assigns individual assets to personnel
  Define item "Classes" and "Types"
  View reports detailing item status
  Manage audible and visual signal devices
  Access Control: doors, gates, etc.
  Reports can also be exported to PDF®, WORD® or Excel® formats.