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  Designed with and for commercial tire dealers to improve field sales effectiveness and enable analysis of the sales process by sales management.
Sales Power puts you in control of the sales process. Your salespeople have the information they need to achieve their sales goals. And you have the information you need to successfully manage the sales process.
Real time data is at your fingertips. Connect to TRACS using any of several wireless communication techniques, for up-to-the-second inventory, account status, pricing and more. Real time data ensures that you can deliver what you’ve sold. And, the order can be entered into TRACS now, not when the salesperson returns to the office or the next time they call in.
Sales Power reporting shows where improvement is needed. Whether customers are not being contacted often enough, or too often, sales reports will make it clear.
SALES POWER includes these functions:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sales Process Analysis and Reporting
Fleet Profiling
Account Performance Indicator (future)
SALES POWER Customer Relationship Management puts customer information in the palm of your hand, preparing you for the next sales call by answering questions such as...
  When did this customer last buy from us?
  What did they buy?
  How much did they pay for an item?
  What is this year's sales volume relative to last year at this time?
  What were the key details from the last, and previous, contacts with this customer?
SALES POWER Sales Process Analysis and Reporting provides insight and answers to questions like...
  How is this account performing compared to our plan?
  When was this customer last contacted?
  Which customers should we be contacting more often?
  What opportunities are we missing?
SALES POWER Fleet Profiling displays customers' fleet data instantly. You can...
  Review the entire fleet at a glance
  Know customer's requirements and preferences when placing orders
  Add customer's new equipment quickly and accurately
  SALES POWER uses the Windows operating system from Microsoft, giving you an amazing array of tools to document, organize, communicate, and sell.
  SALES POWER versions for Handheld Personal Computers
  SALES POWER uses the Windows CE operating system with handheld personal computers (HPC). Many HPC styles are available to satisfy personal preferences. Large or small screen displays, and large or small keyboards are options. Fast processors and large, expandable memory, built-in modems, PCMCIA expansion slots and many more features are available to choose from. Instant on, with no time required for booting up, and long battery life are major benefits of HPC's.
HPC's have the capabilities you need now. Models running Windows CE continue to lead the pack with more memory, more functionality, more available equipment and more programs to support an increasingly mobile workforce. Can't type? No problem. Touch screens and drop down menus speed data collection and improve accuracy of data input. You can also have the functionality of the pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Internet Explorer too, giving you a versatile and powerful sales tool. With enough power to last all day, you'll quit before it does.
  Laptop Computer version, too!
  SALES POWER uses Windows 9X operating systems as well. Here you can also use the full functionality of Sales Power as well as the full versions of all your favorite PC software.
  Whether you prefer laptops or HPC’s, Sales Power provides the same functionality. Ruggedized models for harsh environments, and vehicle mounted models are available and in use today. Either style will allow wireless cellular telephone modems and land line modems to connect with the Internet. And, connecting to your corporate computer is only two taps of the touch screen, or a couple of clicks, away for access to real time data, order status, pricing, quicksearch, order entry, and more. Access virtually all of the power and functionality of your corporate computer.