Technical Details
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  Diagram of the sales power system
Hardware Requirements
  Software Requirements
  Your host computer, which stores your corporate data, should have an ethernet connection available. This computer should also have enough free disk space to store a small subset of the data (usually less than 10 percent of the total data stored by TRACS) which will be sent to the "intermediating PC", described below, in preparation for loading onto the handheld PC (HPC) or laptop.

The intermediating PC, which will hold the data to be transferred to the HPC / laptop, also requires an ethernet connection; this ethernet connection will connect to the host computer’s ethernet connection; this connection may also be made by connecting to the ethernet hub of a network of PCs, if one already exists. This intermediating PC should be a moderate performance PC running Windows 95 or higher.

The handheld PC (HPC) will connect to the intermediating PC using a special cable provided with the Sales Power system. One end of the cable will connect to a port on the intermediating PC while the other end connects to the HPC, or its docking station, depending on the HPC model selected. The data synchronization tool, provided with the Sales Power system, controls the data flow between the two devices. If the laptop is chosen instead of the HPC, it will connect to the intermediating PC via Ethernet, Serial, or dial-up connection.