Technical Details
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  Diagram of the sales power system
  Hardware Requirements
  Software Requirements
The Process:
  It’s simple - take TRACS? data from the corporate computer and load it onto the handheld PC (HPC) / laptop. Let the sales staff have information in the field to help them make more productive sales calls. Then, collect data in the field about each sales call. Close the loop by analyzing the results of the sales process by individual salesperson and, collectively, for the entire sales department. Then, share the reports with all persons affected by the information.
Here’s how it works:
  Your TRACS data is sent to the HPC or laptop, so the salesperson can preview information about the account to achieve more effective sales calls. For each account, information is displayed to the salesperson answering questions like: When did this customer last buy from us? What did they buy? How much did they pay? What did we last discuss? What commitments did I make? How do sales this year compare with sales last year at this time?
In addition to providing information to field salespersons, Sales Power also collects data in the field by allowing the salespersons to enter information on the HPC or laptop, much like they would jot notes on a yellow pad during or after a sales call; the advantages being the readability and permanence of the notes and, importantly, the ability to collect and analyze these notes over time, leading to improved sales processes.
The Complete System:
  Sales Power has everything you need to move data to the place where it will have the most value and turn your data into information.