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        Real-Time Portal Based Tracking System
  PALLETtracs is a portal enabled validation application to track pallets, cases, and containers as they pass through RFiD enabled portals.

PALLETtracs identifies and tracks "tagged" pallets at production and assembly line bottlenecks, at various choke-points and at shipping and receiving docks.

PALLETtracs meets EPC Global and US Department of Defense Shipping Compliance Standards
The PALLETtracs package allows users to:
  Identify and track "tagged" items utilizing RFiD technology
  Write custom data to tags
  Read custom data from tags
  Search for individual items
  Define item "Classes" and "Types"
  View reports detailing item status
  Manage audible and visual signal devices
  Access Control: doors, gates, etc.
  Reports can also be exported to PDF®, WORD® or Excel® formats.