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RFiD Data Collection
  What is RFiD?
  RFiD is a contact-less, non-line-of-sight data capture technology that is designed for automatic operation. It is similar to bar coding, but has many advantages over it. Bar code systems use a reader and coded labels that are attached to items. Bar code uses visible symbols and light to transfer information from the label to the reader. RFiD uses a reader and an RFiD tag that is attached to an item. It uses radio frequency signals to send and receive information from the RFiD device to the reader.
  RFiD has advantages not available with other identification technologies
  It can be supplied as read-only or read/write
  It can be read or written to repeatedly over the life of the asset
  It does not require contact or line-of-sight to operate
  It can function under a variety of environmental conditions
  It provides a high level of data integrity and accuracy
  The technology is difficult to counterfeit, so RFiD provides high security
  Eliminates double counting (not true of bar codes)
  Why RFiD?
  More than a great technology, RFiD is an excellent business tool that helps companies manage their supply chains better, increase their margins and profits, and decrease costs. Businesses that have adopted RFiD technology have:
  Smoother-running business environments – knowing what is where
  Increased throughput and productivity
  Reduced costs, leading to more competitive pricing
  Shorter order cycles and faster shipping
  Better inventory management
  Reduced labor costs by reducing the workforce needed for tracking and inventory management
  Increased revenues/higher profits
  Better customer service
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