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     TAGtalk™ Middleware
        RFiD Solutions for Factory & Warehouse Environments
TAGtalk is an RFID-based middleware package designed by Compu-Power, Inc. to integrate RFID-based data into a customerís existing enterprise system.
  TAGtalk allows an enterprise to create and modify the user-defined tag fields that will be carried on RFID tags and labels.
  TAGtalk provides Data Smoothing capabilities to filter the collected data generated by the RFID hardware providing the enterprise with only the relevant information.
  TAGtalk transfers captured tag information to ODBC compliant databases. Information includes the unique 16-character tag identification number, date and time, and any user-defined fields.
  TAGtalk is designed to be extensible software. Plug-in applications and components can be created providing the enterprise with custom solutions.