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Pricing Control
System Administration
Point of Sale
Help Sheets:
  A system map to help you organize your hardware.
  Bulk Purchase Order Close
  Customer Numbering
  AR Statements - D Method
  Payroll - Bonus
  Restore Program
  Sample: End of Month Procedures: With Statements
  Inventory / General Ledger Balancing Worksheet (COGS)
  Inventory / General Ledger Balancing Worksheet (Net Change)
  SMIT Backup - AIX V.4.3.X
  Payroll Tax Updates and End of Year Procedures
  End of Year Procedures - Standard
  End of Year Procedures - Tire
  General Ledger Prompt Sheet
  Temporary COD Update
  End of Day Printer Options
  Invalid G/L Accounts
  Order Register/Deleted Orders
  Service Reminders
  Tire Disposal Tax
  Direct Deposit
Item Rename
  Consignment Customer
  Download NetTerm Software for PC/Internet & Modem Communication
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