Vendor File Performance - Add, change, delete, or inquire:
  Vendor number, name and three address lines, phone number, FAX number, contact, and comment fields.
  Automatic calculation of invoice due date and invoice discount date, discount amount, G/L distribution, and discount earned. Can be overridden at invoice entry time.
  Amount due, last payment MTD and YTD, and last year purchases, discounts earned, and discounts lost.
  Temporary vendor capability.
Invoice Entry - on-line postings to A/P open item file:
  Voucher, adjustment, prepaid items, contracts.
  Automatic handling of user-defined vendor terms (30-60-90 days or 60-90-120 days). Generates individual invoices for each payment required and allows editing at time of invoice entry or modification at any time prior to payment.
  Number of invoices and total invoices on screen.
  Reference number assigned to each G/L distribution for audit trail purposes.
  Unlimited G/L distributions for each invoice.
  Screen will not exit unless entire invoice has been distributed.
  Transaction register prints automatically on termination of invoice entry.
  Contracts can be distributed in their entirety or when payment is due.
  Corrections can be made to invoice and its distribution any time prior to payment, and system automatically prints before-and-after changes.
  Optional A/P "Quick Processing".
Terms Code Maintenance:
  Provides way to set up terms code to handle a variety of different payment arrangements established with your vendors.
  Allows up to 12 split periods.
  Supports both days and prox type terms.
Manual Check Processing:
  Provides a way to record manual checks against invoices already entered into the computer so checks can flow through reconciliations with machine-generated checks.
Check Reconciliation:
  Tracks status of A/P checks after they have been issued.
  Provides opportunity to record "unused" checks for full accountability. Unused checks are those lost during printer line-up or destroyed for any reason.
  Displays open checks from the Check Reconciliation File (from both automatic and manual check processing history).
On-demand reports:
  Open Invoice List: by vendor number, range of vendors, or complete file. Shows all open invoices which have not been paid.
  Cash Requirements Forecast: Shows what invoices are due by dates entered. User is allowed to input three control dates and to define either discounted or undiscounted payment. Based on user's criteria, the system reviews all invoices and issues a report showing cash required on each of the three selected dates with either discounted or gross payment. An invoice is presumed to be payable on the latest of the three dates which is prior to the discount day or date.
  Aged A/P Report: All vendor's invoices aged on due date relative to the system date or to a user-defined date. Discounts taken are options.
  Accounts Payable Inquiry: Allows user to display on screen or print all A/P records (open, paid, or partially paid) remaining on file for a particular vendor. Paid invoices display check number
  Account Distribution: Prints and updates the General Ledger file with any open item or prepaid item which has not previously been posted.
  Pre-Paid Invoice Register: Lists any prepaid invoices which have not previously been printed, and updates the G/L disbursement file.
  Payment Selection: Invoices can be paid by vendor or by specific due date. All invoices that fall within the entered parameters will be displayed on screen. Payment selections are menu-driven, using appropriate commands.
  Payment List: Prints for verification. Adjustments can be made prior to printing checks.
  Checkwriter/Register: Generates checks to be paid from payment list. Checks will be printed, automatically followed by a Check Register. Updates Accounts Payable, Disbursements, and General Ledger files. Any of these jobs can be re-run, if necessary.
  Void Checks: This function voids printed A/P checks by adding payments back and re-activating those A/P records if the invoices were paid off. Totals are also added back into vendor file. The system deletes the disbursement record associated with each voided check and creates a void file. The A/P Void Check Register prints automatically following this job.
  Contract Payment Conversion: Creates an invoice for each contract which is due. Contracts may be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. If a contract has a payment date occurring in the next month as the conversion is run, an invoice record is created, the next payment due date is calculated (based on frequency), and the amount due is set to the payment amount. Distribution records are also created, if and only if the contract was to be expensed with each recurring payment.
  Contract Payment Status Report: Shows every contract on file and its distribution status. Can be printed on demand.
  G/L Summary Posting Report: Lists all entries posted to the G/L through the distribution run or through disbursements (checks). Available in detail and/or summary.
  Vendor Master List: Information from the Vendor Master File by vendor number or vendor name. Contains everything displayed on the vendor record screen.
  1099 forms and 1099 vendor list.
  End of Month/Year Update: Clears MTD and YTD, and adds YTD to last year's purchases.
  Invoice File Purge: Clears all paid invoices from A/P files. Clears General Ledger files, and purges paid contracts.
  Vendor labels.