Automatic printing of
  Aged Accounts Receivable Report (summary or detail format)
  Mailing labels
  Customer listings by: customer number, customer name (alphabetical), customer class, and salesman.
  Overdue Customer Report
  Cash Projections Report
  Cash Receipts Journal
Customer Credit Notification: System notifies you, at point of order entry, when customers are on credit hold, over credit limit, or past due.
Automatic updating by Retail Point-of-Sale.
Both open item and balance forward accounting.
Immediate access to customer account activity:
  Through CRT (screen) or printer.
  Multiple retrieval methods including: customer number, customer shortname, or customer search option.
  A/R lookup by invoice number.
Cash receipts easily applied:
  Automatically to oldest invoices, or
  To user-selected invoices, or
  On account
Optional A/R "Quick Processing": Alternative way to enter opening A/R balances - quick batch A/R entry that allows split invoices and offers edit function.
Sales and Profit Analysis: Period-to-date, year-to-date, and previous year sales and profit analysis by customer for stock, direct, and special items.
Customer A/R activity automatically tracked: Date account opened, date of last sale, high credit, average payment days.
Deferred billing capability.
Special terms processing: includes prox terms, discount terms, and split terms.
Time Payment plans (installment) for retail customers - system automatically calculates finance charges and generates invoices each month.
  TRACS statements can be automatically faxed to your customers. Faxing statements eliminates the expense of preprinted statement forms, envelopes, and postage plus the time and energy required to mail.
  Your cash flow is improved by the immediate delivery of statements and the sense of urgency felt from receiving a fax vs. standard mail.
  Usually faxes are sent at night when phone rates are less, any faxes not transmitted will appear on an exception report.
  The system uses an electronic image of your statement that is combined with printing detail so your customers receive an exact duplicate of your familiar statement.
  No need to wait to get paid! You can immediately fax invoice reprints to your customers to resolve questions fast.