Chart of Accounts:
  Total flexibility of formatting including subaccounts and supporting schedules.
  Prints accounts, descriptions, and financial statement format information.
  Contains formatting information and balances.
  Maintains balances, automatically, for 15 months which facilitates the preparation of comparative statements.
Calculation Routines:
  Provides ability to automatically perform virtually any computation involving basic arithmetic during financial report processing.
  Lists calculation accounts by account number, detailing all accounts to which calculations are applied along with the arithmetic function.
  Applies basic arithmetic functions to the following financial reports: Standard Statements, Comparative Statements, and Branch, Departmental and Consolidated Statements.
Transaction Entry and Journal Entries:
  Provides account validation at time of entry to prevent postings to invalid accounts.
  Requires printing of hard-copy journal for a permanent record of all transactions.
  Provides operator with ability to review transactions on the screen for easy error detection and changes prior to printing hard-copy journal.
  Prints all transactions for each journal source on a separate page for easy reviewing and filing.
  Produces the Journal Entries Report in two sizes: 8-1/2" x 11" version and 14-7/8" x 11 version.
  System only allows posting of journals that are in balance.
General Ledger:
  Shows all transactions by account number, with the transaction amount and the account balance.
  Provides double asterisks (**) to pinpoint ending account balances.
  Retains all detailed transactions for an entire fiscal year for complete account analysis.
  Offers option to consolidate accounts for financial statement presentation.
  Allows year-to-date adjustments to correct prior period entries without affecting current period amounts.
  Provides automatic fiscal year close to ease year-end peak workload.
  Produces General Ledger in two sizes: 8-1/2" x 11" version and 14-7/8" x 11 version.
  Produces individual General Ledger for selective accounts.
Financial Statements:
  Offers format flexibility to provide reports tailored to individual needs.
  Provides ability to designate financial statement titles most suitable to your company.
  Allows the option to print supporting schedules on separate pages.
  Prepares Accountant's Compilation Report, automatically, if desired.
  Offers option to print dollar ($) signs or underlines (single or double) for customized report presentation.
  Offers option to print parentheses ( ) or minus signs ( - ) to indicate credit amounts on reports.
  Provides special description fields in the heading and at the bottom of statements for use as a disclaimer and/or footnote.
  Offers branch and department income statements with consolidated statements.
  Provides option to print statements for prior period.
  Produces Financial Statements in two sizes: 8-1/2" x 11" version and 14-7/8" x 11 version.
Statement of Changes in Financial Position:
  Produces worksheet, automatically, to facilitate adjustments including source and application of funds.
  Prints a Schedule of Net Changes in Working Capital, automatically, to reflect the net increase or decrease in working capital.
  Provides a statement format which conforms to guidelines set forth by AICPA.
  Offers ability to prepare unadjusted statement, automatically, which allows complete reporting on a regular basis.
  Allows reporting period flexibility for the current month, current quarter, or year-to-date.
Financial Comparison Reports:
  Comparative Balance Sheet with or without variance amount.
  Comparative Income Statement with current month this year or last year (with or without variance amount and percent).
  Comparative Income Statement with any two months available from 15 periods (with or without variance amount and percent).
  Comparative Income Statement with current quarter to any three-month period available from 15 periods (with or without variance amount and percent).
  Comparative Income Statement with current period (month or quarter) and year-to-date this year and last with YTD variance amount or percent. Two different column headings and date formats offered to meet specific user-defined needs.
  Provides function calculation routines which produce the same kind of consistent analysis for both the current year and prior year.
Budgetary Accounting:
  Provides all format information and budget amounts required for preparation of budgetary reports in the Budget Master File.
  Maintains budget accounts for 12 months.
  Offers flexibility by allowing all 12 months to be budgeted with the same amount, or each month to be budgeted with a different amount.
Budget Comparison Reports:
  Generates a number of budgetary reports to satisfy a variety of business needs:
  Current month: actual budget and variance amount and percent.
  Current quarter: actual budget and variance amount and percent.
  Year-to-date: actual budget and variance amount and percent.
  Current period: actual budget and variance amount and percent.
  Current period (month or quarter) and year-to-date: actual budget and variance amounts.
  Performs calculation routines so the analysis performed on standard statements can be compared against a budgeted level of performance.
Trial Balance Worksheet:
  Generates a worksheet from General Ledger, on demand.
  Prints account numbers and descriptions for easy account identification.
  Provides special columns to facilitate adjustments and the determination of final financial statement figures.
  Produces account group totals for each worksheet analysis.
  Automatically generates total debits and credits to ensure an in-balance condition.