Complete multi-store capability:
  Includes inter-store transfers.
Item numbers:
  Up to 12 alphanumeric characters, sequenced in any manner chosen by the user.
Six standard selling prices for each item
Expanded description capability.
24-Month Item Sales History:
  Number of transactions, units sold, sales dollars, cost dollars, profit dollars, and gross profit percent by period.
Item identification:
  By department, category, manufacturer, product group, and class.
Replacement cost, last cost, average cost, base year cost, and true LIFO/FIFO cost.
Immediate stock status at all locations.
  By size: P155/80R13
By manufacturer's part number:
  GDR-TA-115641 (Goodrich TA Radial)
  GDY-AR0626451973 (Goodyear Arriva)
By partial description:
  ARRIVA will display on all Arriva tires and their status.
By product class:
  P14 displays on all passenger tires, 14" and their status.
  PR78 displays on all passenger tires, 14" Radial, 78-series and their status
  Up to six character positions are available for product class search.
  Access can be limited to manufacturer or product group, if desired.
  All products - passenger, light truck, industrial, etc. - can be accessed by any of these methods.
Warranty information by tire
Inventory Control options: by item
  Minimum/maximum (computer-suggested stock level), or
  Automatic (EOQ) inventory control.
Management Reports designed to reduce inventory investment while increasing sales: These reports are all available by department, manufacturer, product group, and item.
  Stock Status Report
  Sales Ranking Report based on units or dollars
  Slow Moving Items Report with user-selected unit, dollar, and time period criteria.
  Suggested Level Report based on sales history, order frequency, lead time, and desired inventory turnover.
  Overstock Report
  Suggested Reorder Report
  Inventory Turn Analysis
  Lost Sales Report
  Inventory Valuation Report based on average, LIFO, or FIFO cost
  Summary Inventory Valuation Report by Category
  Tire Unit Inventory Report - shows quantity allocated (reserved, but not yet invoiced) for customer orders. You choose whether the report reflects Customer Order Processing and/or Retail Point-of-Sale allocations.
  Stock Replenishment Report - automatically calculates stock required to restore defined stocking levels at designated stores from a specified store (or warehouse) location. Reviews quantity on hand, quantity allocated, in-transit amounts, and min/max levels. Available on demand or automatically with End of Day Processing routing.
Physical Inventory Reports:
  Count sheets or tags available by manufacturer/product group or bin location to facilitate efficient physical count.
  Count sheet/tag entry and Variance Report.
  Physical inventory update.
  Permits periodic physical count of sections of the store to increase control.
Integrated for up-to-the-second inventory accuracy: with Retail Point-of-Sale, Customer Order Processing, and Purchasing/Receiving.
Unlimited transaction sales history by item: detailing date of sale, invoice number, customer, quantity sold, unit price, extension, cost, profit dollars, and gross profit percent - plus purge by user-defined date.
Comparative customer/item sales reporting: showing this month this year versus this month last year and this year-to-date versus last year-to-date with percent differences.