Supports full range of sales situations:
  Cash sales, charge sales, layaways, credits, returns, deposits, counter payments (ROAs), quotations, voids, paid-outs, and no-sale transactions.
  All transactions have cash drawer integration and total cashier accountability.
Cash sales processing features:
  Optional capture of customer name and address for future mailing list.
  Automatic pricing based on customer type, customer/item group matrix, or contract.
  Automatic promotional pricing.
  Automatic tax calculation based on customer and item.
  Automatic trade discounting based on customer and item.
  Automatic customer credit and overdue status checking with management-controlled lock-outs.
  Point-of-sale (POS) order edit list detailing item numbers, automatic descriptions, quantities sold, automatic unit prices and extensions, automatic merchandise subtotal, optional discount, tax, transaction total, amount tendered, change due customer, automatic date and time of transaction, terminal number, cashier code, automatically-assigned invoice/journal number, and management-controlled promotional message.
  For sales paid by check, the receipt shows check amount, check number, and customer's and driver's license number.
  Automatic inventory lookup, validation, on-hand, and lost sale quantity control.
  Immediate stock status information available for all locations - including quantity on-hand, quantity allocated, quantity available, quantity on customer backorder, and quantity on vendor order.
  Item Quicksearch ability enabling immediate retrieval of price and stock availability of inventory items by size, item number, manufacturer, product group, or acceptable substitute, and special purpose user code and preventing lost sales by showing items in stock at other locations.
  Automatic warranty adjustments based on mileage or tread depth.
  Automatic tax/no tax, discount/no discount by customer and product. National Account sales handling.
  Real-time inventory and accounting information updated by point-of-sale, eliminating the need for later posting.
Charge Sale processing is very similar to cash sale processing with additional features including:
  Retrieval of customer record by either customer number, shortname, or customer search option.
  Automatic credit hold, credit limit, and overdue controls.
  Multiple ship-to terms processing.
  Special invoice terms processing, including discounts.
  Order override of any permanent customer information - terms, tax code, tax jurisdiction, salesman, price method, etc.
  A complete multi-copy invoice - accurately priced, extended, taxed, and totaled - is printed for each charge sale.
  Invoice is automatically posted to accounts receivable and customer sales history.
Rapid Quotations:
  Ensures that appropriate quantities and items are included in the quote and provide extended, totaled prices for telephone and counter quotes including taxes and add-ons.
2-Step Orders:
  The system enables entry of either cash or charge orders, flagged as customer workorders with a "promised time" for pick up. System automatically allocates (reserves) inventory.
  The order will be stored, indefinitely, by the system. It may be retrieved, modified, and invoiced on demand with inventory automatically unallocated and relieved.
  The system processes point-of-sale or non point-of-sale credits and returns, generating a credit memo document and appropriately returning inventory to stock or recording damaged goods inventory
  Re-stocking/handling charge option.
Deposits and Down Payments:
  The system handles deposits and down payments on invoices and appropriately accounts for the cash at the end of the day.
  Multiple deposits (layaways) may be made on an invoice.
  Deposits may be refunded or forfeited, as necessary. A deposit receipt may be printed, if desired.
Counter payments (ROAs - Received-on-Account):
  Payments may be received at the point-of-sale counter.
  A payment receipt may be printed, if desired.
  All counter payments may be reviewed and modified before final accounts receivable cash receipts posting.
  Customer credit worthiness is immediately updated by the payment amount to maintain accurate, up-to-the-second credit information about each customer.
  The system also supports miscellaneous, non-A/R payments.
Miscellaneous Point-of-Sale Transactions:
  The Daily Sales Report provides a summary for each day's business. The report can be run for each POS terminal or for the entire store.
  Sales Journal Report lists all sales, cash receipts, and adjustments providing a complete audit trail of all transactions.
  Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report shows sales by type of transaction – cash, check, credit card, etc.
  Check listing and bankcard listing are also provided.
  Price Exception Report indicates items where price was overridden at POS terminal and those items sold below management-indicated gross profit percent levels.
  Out-of-Stock Item Report shows items transacted each day that result in stock-outs, lost sales, or items dropping below reorder level.
  Order Edit List prints either invoices generated or open orders by line item for management review. Report includes cost in dollars, profit in dollars, and gross profit percentage by line item.
Service Reminder Processing - Prints post cards for 16 user-defined services - presorted for bulk mailing.
  Reminders for services performed and due again.
  Reminders for services recommended and not performed.
  General purpose type mailings.
Tire Guide Database (Optional)
  From TRACS point-of-sale one button access to Tire Guide Database.
  Tire Guide lookups feed the size to TRACS quick search with no re-keying for inventory lookups.
  Tire Guide information for tire pressure and torque specifications are automatically placed on work orders after a Tire Guide lookup, this ensures that your tire technicians have the correct pressure and torque specifications to properly install your customer's tires.
  Use of pop-up windows for vehicle input ensures accurate data for customer follow-ups and vehicle history lookups.