Automatic price look-up at point-of-sale.
Automatic pricing methods including:
  Contract Pricing: specific prices on items for a specific customer over a specified period of time.
  Promotional pricing (specials)
  Manufacturer/group or manufacturer/category Matrix Pricing: prices for a customer or group of customers with markup/down pricing and rounding. Price is calculated, on-the-fly, during order entry.
  Standard Pricing: customer price code pointing to one of six prices in each item record.
Automatic price calculation: System will calculate the six item prices based on user-specified markup/downs and rounding by manufacturer/product group.
Automatic handling of casing and core prices.
Automatic FET calculations.
Item Price List by department, manufacturer, and product group.
Customer Price List for any selected customer or class of business.
Price Labels:
  Retail prices can be automatically generated based on desired markup/down.
  Price labels with latest prices available for receiving merchandise or for shelf stock when price changes occur.
  Price levels may be multi-colored for promotional (special) prices.
  Price labels will show: item number, department, location, price, manufacturer's number, and item description.
Bin Tags:
  Used to identify location of merchandise and to assist receiving department in shelving merchandise.
  Bin tags show: item number, order multiple, manufacturer's item number, catalog page no., bin location, and item description.
Daily Price Exception Report:
  Shows all items where price was overridden at POS terminal, shelf items with incorrect price labels, and those items sold below management-indicated gross profit percent level.
Promotional Item Analysis