Suggested Reorder Report:
  Suggests order quantities consistent with either management's min/max or computer-assigned stocking level and the supplier's requirements.
  Report may be printed for a specific manufacturer, supplier, department, or class of items.
  Cost and retail price extensions are shown, with total weight and total units indicated to determine if minimum purchasing requirements and discount levels have been met.
  System allows for effective pool order generation for multiple locations with item accountability by individual store.
Suggested Purchase Orders:
  May be automatically generated from Suggested Reorder Report or manually entered into the system.
  Purchase orders may be changed or added to after creation or "held" for further add-on's before finalizing.
  A multi-copy Purchase Order may be printed or re-printed on demand, showing internal item number, manufacturer's item number, quantity ordered, description, and cost for each item ordered.
Receiving by exception handles: complete, partial ship, backordered merchandise, and rejected items.
Receiving automatically updates: on-hand quantity, replacement, last, average, and LIFO/FIFO cost, if desired.
Prints complete receiving report to reconcile supplier invoice.
Maintains unlimited purchase history record for each inventory item: detailing receipt date, vendor, quantity received, cost and lead time - with purge by user-defined date.
Generates price labels for received items.
Complete vendor information: including purchase history and vendor performance.
Vendor expedite reports: assist in follow-up of late or backordered merchandise.
Seasonal items tagged with reminders for seasonal orders.
Improve ordering efficiency by faxing purchase orders directly to your vendors; no need to print and fax. Just fax right from your desk, no need to walk to the fax machine. (Optional)