Direct access to the host computer available over:
  The Internet
  Standard phone lines
  Digital leased lines
  Analog leased lines
  Frame relay connections
Remote Store Networking (RSN) "Polling"
RSN is a wide area network (WAN) function which allows the host system to call ("poll") the individual system at each branch location at the end of each business day or week.
  Two-way polling with the host and branch system exchanging flexible, pertinent financial and inventory data in a matter of minutes.
  Built-in data integrity checking.
  Eliminates the need for costly communications equipment and leased phone lines.
  Data transfer can be set for off-peak hours to take advantage of lower phone rates.
  Communications is completely automatic and runs, unattended, requiring no training for local store personnel.
  Tracks 25 days of data, separately, at each branch. Data can be re-transmitted in the event of unsuccessful transmissions.