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        Real-Time Work-in-Process (WIP) Tracking
  WIPtracs is a software plug-in used with Compu-Power, Inc.’s TAGtalk™ middleware. It monitors and controls processes in a Work-in-Process environment.
WIPtracs provides for Real-Time tracking of components as they are installed on the production or assembly line.
The WIPtracs package allows users to:
  Identify and track "tagged" components utilizing RFiD technology
  Write custom data to tags
  Read custom data from tags
  Receive Real-Time production status reports of "tagged parts" within the production line
  Verify what has been installed and what is still needed to complete production
  Confirm that products contain all necessary components prior to shipping
  Define product and component "Classes" and "Types"
  View reports detailing item status
  Manage audible and visual signal devices
  Access Control: doors, gates, conveyors, etc.
  Reports can also be exported to PDF®, WORD® or Excel® formats.